Daily Fantasy Sports Soccer

One of the newest entries into the DFS world – daily fantasy soccer has quickly become a mainstay. The playing fields and prize pools are smaller than the major US sports, but there’s still big money to be won and the prize pools will only continue to grow.

DraftKings is the best DFS soccer site. At the moment, contests are running for the English Premier League and Champions League, but there are also special contests here during events like the World Cup. MLS is available at smaller sites too, but not at DK.

The EPL is the most popular league for DFS soccer right now and boasts the biggest prize pools. A contest typically includes matches on Saturday only, although some contests will feature other games during the week as well.

How to Play DFS Soccer

We recommend playing DFS soccer at DraftKings and therefore I’ll use their rules to show you how to play.

Just like other DFS sports – players receive a salary cap to spend on building a line-up. The goal is to score the most points based on the scoring rules at the DFS site. Ensure you read over the complete scoring rules before constructing your line-up.

At DraftKings, a line-up consists of eight players (GK, D, D, M, M, F, F, Flex) and in my experience you want to save cap room at the flex or midfield positions. There’s always a couple cheap value plays at midfield or striker available each week.

You need goals in order to win. At DK, a goal equals 10 points and an assist equals 6 points. If your strikers don’t net a goal you’re not going to cash in most cases. There’s often value at striker, but always spend up on an elite striker with the best match-up.

The goalkeeper is important too, because a goalkeeper can earn 5 points for a clean sheet and 5 points for a win. To a win a big tournament your goalkeeper needs a clean sheet – ideally a CS with multiple saves because each save is worth 2 points.

A goalkeeper gets hit with –2 points for every goal conceded, so saving up at this position is rarely a good idea.

I almost always spend up on my two defenders as well. Not only can defenders score points the same way a striker can, but a defender also receives a 5-point bonus for a clean sheet – the only other position to receive the bonus is the goalkeeper.

Let’s look at an example. In the EPL this weekend I can spend $5200 in salary on Branislav Ivanovic and $4900 on Aaron Cresswell – Ivanovic is averaging 9.9 fantasy points per game (FPPG) and Cresswell is averaging 7.9 FPPG.

A striker like Radamel Falcao (7.1 FPPG) costs $8400. You can get a lot of production out of your defenders at a cheap price.

Apart from scoring or attempting to score (Shot / Shot on Goal), players earn 1 point for every cross, although a corner doesn’t count. Cresswell, who I just mentioned, scores most of his fantasy points on crosses – he had 10 last match for 10 points.

DraftKings tracks how many crosses a player has tallied on the season and for each of the player’s last 10 matches.

Daily Fantasy Soccer Tips

The most important tip I can leave you with is to make sure everyone in your line-up is playing. Several sites post updated EPL line-ups on matchday and it’s important to follow along to ensure your players are all in the starting line-up.

Players sit out a match all the time in soccer even when they’re fit to play. Having even one player in your line-up that doesn’t play will ensure you don’t win big money. There’s a benefit – a lot of line-ups will have a player that isn’t starting.

The Brief History of Soccer

Soccer became modernized in 1863 by the English Football Association. It is important to realize that soccer is called football in the United Kingdom. This sport was mostly played by those that were in a higher class in England. They played in their boarding schools and their private clubs. Eventually, due to how easy it was to play and obtain the equipment it expanded across classes.

In 1863, the London Football Association was founded. This association came up with the rules and by 1883, there were several professional teams playing. This game caught on throughout all of Europe. By 1900, soccer had been added to the Olympics despite the fact that professional players could not take part in it.

The World Cup came about in 1930, thanks to FIFA. Teams would compete every four years. 200 teams look to compete and only 24 are allowed to. In the United States, the U.S. Soccer Federation was formed in 1913. At that point, Americans were more interested in Americanized football. A Brazilian soccer player came over to join the New York Cosmos and his name was Pele. He changed what the sport meant to Americans and it became more and more popular. He retired 2 years later in 1977 and that is when most people lost interest. The North American Soccer League lost support and dissolved in 1985.

In the 1994 World Cup, American youth became interested in the game again. The year before that, The Major League Soccer association was founded. Three years later, they started playing games with 10 teams and 32 games in a season. In 1991, women were free to compete in soccer, also.

Considering the history, there is a long one. Many civilizations had their own version of it. In Rome it was called “Harpastum”, in Iceland it was called “Knattleikr”, and in Japan it was called “Kemari”. When FIFA was formed, there were rules to make sure there were proper regulations internationally. It was formed in Paris and regulated the following countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, and France. As with most sports during the Depression and World War II, soccer had to stop during those years. By the time we hit 1950, FIFA had over 50 member countries.

As of today, there are at least 208 teams nationally that are actually recognized by FIFA. Some widely known soccer players include Roberto Baggio, Pablo Aimar, Michael Ballack, David Beckham, and Franz Beckenbauer. These men have popularized soccer at different aspects of the history. For example, Beckbauer was born in Munich and started playing soccer for SC Munich back in 1954. He spent years hopping from team to team until he was 19 and then landed with the Bayern Munich First Squad. This man inspired several youths back during his time. He stopped playing in 1983 when he was playing for the Cosmos at the age of 38 giving him a career that spanned many decades.

The most famous soccer player known now is David Beckham. He was brought up to love Manchester United and eventually started to play with their youth team. By the time he was 19, he still did not play with the professional team and eventually took a break to play for Preston North End. He went back to Manchester United in 1994.

Soccer Fans Turn Port Said Stadium into a Warzone

Egypt is barely recovering from the fallout of their recent uprising, when new acts of civil unrest are resulting in mass injuries and deaths. On 1 February 2012 a soccer game in Port Said Stadium was tainted by blood as the sports event turned into an outlet for public anger and discontent, with the death toll presently at 79 and over a thousand injuries reported in hospitals.

The violent riot was triggered by the 3 to 1 victory of Al-Masry over Al-Ahly, but is said to have been building up throughout the whole match. It broke out as the fans of Al-Masry poured out on the field in a violent stampede, the reported cause of most deaths and injuries during that day. Following the events in Port Said, the riot was likened to a war by its immediate witnesses.

To prevent further bloodshed, the police force was instructed to avoid engaging the crowd of protesters once it spread into the area surrounding the stadium. Once there, the crowds of soccer fans committed acts of vandalism, engaged in brief violent clashes and chanted anti-authority slogans and songs, which caught on among groups of soccer fans like wildfire. Most of their hatred was directed at the security forces, blamed for the unjust acts of violence during Egypt’s former regime.

The fact that Egypt has been in turmoil following its uprising can’t be ignored, but whether this act of unrest had a political agenda remains to be seen. It is well known that an organized or enraged group of football fans can be just as much of a threat to public safety as members of any political organization, especially when armed with lethal weapons. Nevertheless, the claims of involvement of various political organizations and even the military still linger in the air above Port Said, as evidenced by several rallies and demonstrations.

Moreover, the issue of Port Said soccer fans being armed during the riot casts a thick shadow on the new Egyptian government’s ability to maintain order in the country and protect the public from further unrest. As it soon became known from various sources, some of the deaths in the stadium had been caused by bladed weapons, which should not have been allowed into the stadium in the first place. By weight of this information, much of the responsibility for the high death toll rests on the shoulders of stadium security officials.

The riot itself, on the other hand, would have been near impossible to suppress either way and is the embodiment of all the hate that has been building inside people of Egypt in the light of recent events. It’s no wonder that the tragedy of Port Said Stadium has been referred to by media as a disaster, implying that it was outside any individual’s control once it had broken out. To actually stop the riot from spreading and dispersing it altogether, military with heavy army vehicles had to step in and left to patrol the streets in the aftermath of Port Said Stadium disaster to preserve peace and order. It is truly tragic that even a game of soccer can turn into bloodshed when the nation is fragmented by widespread hatred and uncertainty in their future.

The most excellent poker websites

You’re probably seeking the most excellent poker websites to spend your time as well as base your delight on. You require keeping in mind that the most excellent poker sites make lots of dollars. In actual fact, online poker’s a billion dollar business. In view of the fact that it’s a lucrative commercial facility, you are able to trust that the corporations that offer online poker games would ensure that their services happen to be to your contentment. Briefly, it has turned into a legitimate business. The most excellent poker web sites such as Tilt.org are lawful industries, and resembling corporate brand names would be having a definite standard to pursue. All tat you are required doing while taking your businesses in any of these most excellent poker websites is to ensure that the criterions are met. That manner you are guaranteed of the most excellent possible service to be had online.

Thus what is it that you must seek in a website? Well, the primary thing that you ought to be seeking is the website’s webpage. You require assessing if or not the website is having a grand webpage. Like we have stated before, such poker websites are able to spend much cash for the reason that they are making much of money. As a result, among the high-quality investments a lawful website would be doing is hiring a high-quality web designer as well as programmer on behalf of their website. This implies that the website includes what they refer to as a “lobby,” and it’s the greeting page you would be coming across from such online poker websites. What is able to make a website high-quality is it’s having a clear, orderly welcome page. The whole thing that you require knowing on the subject of playing on the website has got to be locatable in the lobby. This ought to include information like the games to be had for play, the amount of users on the website, the naming of the software that is used and etc. It ought to moreover contain information like the quantity of turnovers in a single poker table, etc.

One more thing which one has to seek when selecting an online poker website is a 24-hr customer service which a website provides. One worry the majority of individuals have on the subject of playing poker online is the anonymous experience of playing on the internet and the query of “what is to be done in the event of me encountering technical trouble?” To have a 24/7 client service to make available help for consumers is an indication that the internet poker website has spent their resources prudently.

Money bonuses are in addition one more aspect in considering the reason for a website to be great. The additionally generous the money bonus, the superior, but only on that website having terms & conditions which make the claiming of the bonus not so difficult. So at all times go through the terms & conditions ahead of getting signed up for anything.

The Passion of Soccer

In any given game you can witness the tears, sweat, blood and see individuals running with their arms spread wide as if they are about to soar off into the heavens. This is only small factors that show the passion of soccer.

They control the ball with amazing speed and grace, with strong legs that seem to defy the law of motion. Such skill and talent is not equaled in any other sport.

It can be country against country, team against team, but each of them having a sense of pride and confidence in their ability to score a goal and take the winning prize home.

Soccer is a sport rich in culture and history dating back to Elizabethan time and is closely associated with rugby football which is also a European sport

The sport soccer has no room for weakness; the payers must show amazing endurance throughout the whole game. Why is there no room for weakness? Well consider that a basic adult soccer match consist of an hour and a half of gameplay, cut into 2 periods known as halves. Each one runs constantly; this means that the time does not stop when the soccer ball is out of play. However, there is only a fifteen minute break between the tow halves. So each player must have the stamina to endure such a long run.

Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world and commands the sport industry with a worth over $400 billion US dollars which 80% of this is generated by Europe.

It is estimated that there were over 22 million soccer player in the world in the early 1980s. It has definitely grown too much larger number to a tune of 250 million in over 200 countries

Over the years the passion of soccer has been demonstrated time and time again from riots breaking out to a game that puts nations at war with each other at peace.

Just recently the sporting world of soccer gained international attention when Egypt hosted a soccer match where nearly 74 people died when a riot broke out.

Was this a result of the deep passion held within soccer? One may never know. But such events highlight the high turnout and love for a single soccer game.

It is not rare to see the tears of frustration and joy streaming down a soccer players face, or a player kneeling on the ground with a look of despair and disbelief.

This is the kind of passion that fans from around the globe admire and cheer for.

As soccer begins to gain a slid footing in the United States, mainly because of big sponsorship deals from PartyPoker and Pepsi, you can best believe that American players will have to look to more experienced countries that have been playing the sport even before the United States became a nation.

Truly, soccer has no equal, from the game structure to the players; you can be assured that you will witness the passion of soccer in every game that you attend. This passion will continue to grow for ages to come.

Betting on the WorldCup

Fans of International football are always in for a treat when the World Cup kicks off. The FIFA WorldCup brings forth the best footballers in the world, each representing their home nation and competing for the most coveted trophy in the world of soccer. Fans of International soccer can share in the glory and excitement that the World Cup brings not only by watching the matches on television, but also by placing wagers on the World Cup matches. To bet on World Cup soccer games, an International football fan need only set up an account with an online sports betting site. Once an online betting account has been established with a reputable online bookmaker, the bettor will need to make a deposit to their betting account using a credit card, debit card, wire transfer, or an approved e-wallet account. Once the account is set up and funded, it is as simple as picking a winner.

When worldcup betting, a bettor can place a wager on one team to win, or they can bet on the match ending in a draw. The betting line is set up to show the payouts for the bet. A sample FIFA World Cup line may look like the following:

Netherlands -130

Denmark +350

Draw +240

In this sample line, the bettor can place a wager on the Netherlands to win. They can also bet on Denmark to win or they can bet that the final score line will end in a draw. Each of the three bets one can make pays out differently. The payout of each bet is communicated through the positive or negative number after each listing. In our sample line, the Netherlands are listed at -130. When a team has a negative number in the worldcup odds money line, it reflects the amount of money that must be wagered in order to win $100. Consequently, a winning wager on the Netherlands will return $100 per $130 wagered, which means that a $260 wager would return $200 profit if the Netherlands pull off the victory in this match.

Denmark has a positive number listed in the money line. Positive numbers in the money line show the amount of money that will be won for every $100 wagered. In the case of our sample line, a bettor picking Denmark to win would win $350 for every $100 they bet in the event that Denmark emerges victorious. Likewise, a bet on a draw in this World Cup Match pays $240 per $100 bet in the event the final score line is even.

Basing Your Bets on Baseball Pitching

Here’s something to consider when betting on baseball teams because of who’s pitching that game. What statistics are you actually paying attention to? What stats are affecting/swaying your decision on who to put money on? There are some that are greater indicators than others as to how a pitcher is actually performing. One statistic that you should completely ignore is the Win/Loss record for the season.

You don’t have to be a sportsbook.com betting pro, just a baseball semi-enthusiast, to know the pitcher’s record isn’t by any means a true indicator of his performance. Here’s a quick example for you. Nolan Ryan’s 1987 Astros campaign. He posted a 2.47 ERA with an amazing 1.14 WHIP. He has 11.5 strikeouts per nine innings and ended the year with an 8-16 record. Would those numbers actually prevent you from believing Ryan was capable of winning every game he pitched that year? Of course not, those stats are staggering – except, mind you, for the win/loss record.

Now, I’m certainly not saying that the win/loss record isn’t capable of providing a window into whether the team as a whole is worth betting on, because it is. The hitters could be in a major slump, the bullpen could be unreliable, the manager could be ineffective. So all of those while contributing to a star pitchers less than stellar record would also likely affect who you bet on. But it shouldn’t affect whether you feel confident that a pitcher can win the game.

As a baseball fan, there are few things more infuriating than seeing a great pitcher, especially one that you trusted enough to bet on their team, allow one earned run, a couple scattered hits, fan a dozen and still lose the game…while on the other side of the coin there’s pitchers who can give up 10 runs in a game and still inexplicably pull out a win.

I’ll provide the other viewpoint just for argument’s sake for online baseball betting. There are some who will say a pitcher who gets a win knows how to keep his team in the game, and it’s for that reason the statistic is still good to use to judge a pitcher. I see the logic in this, but in the end I disagree. I think the number of times that a great pitcher would receive such consistent horrible run support and still win games because he “managed” the game well by doing something other than just pitching well is more or less a myth.

Pitchers pitch, strike guys out, get them to hit into the ground…that’s what they do. That’s not “keeping your team in the game,” that’s just pitching well…that’s why they have lower ERA’s and WHIP. But they can still perform at this high level, give up a run or two, and see their win evaporate because either the hitters couldn’t scrap together any offense or the middle relief blew it for the pitcher without him even being on the mound affecting the game.

How to Play a Blackjack Tournament

Almost every online casino supports blackjack tournaments nowadays and they’ve become a great way for players to learn the game better without spending much money. You can play blackjack online for as little as $1 in some casinos so even if you have a small bankroll you’ll still be able to play them. Blackjack tournaments have never been that popular in land based casinos because of the time they would take to play. When you play a blackjack tournament online though it’s a lot quicker due to the fact cards are automatically dealt and shuffled.

There are a couple ways that blackjack tournaments are played and it’s important you know both of them. They are very similar and the only difference is how long the round is played for. In some blackjack tournaments you’ll play a certain amount of hands and in others you’ll play for a predetermined amount of time every round. Generally most tournaments will be based on a certain amount of hands each round so that it’s fair for all of the players.

The best thing about playing in blackjack tournaments is that there is no edge for anyone. You’re not playing against the house so therefore there isn’t any edge and you have as much chance of winning as anyone else. In blackjack tourneys players always start with the same amount of chips every round. If you have a great first round it isn’t going to give you any advantage in the second round since the chips don’t carryover from round to round. Since the chips don’t carryover from round to round you should never risk more chips then you need too.

Your best strategy in blackjack tournaments is to bet the opposite of the leaders on your table. If you’re winning the table then you should bet the same as your opponent. The reason you want to bet the opposite of the leaders is so that you can actually gain ground on them. When you’re winning you want to bet similarly to your opponent so that they can’t gain ground on your. A large percentage of hands that the dealer wins all of the players will lose which means it’s hard to gain ground on your opposition unless you’re betting patterns are different then theirs.

Definitely don’t go all-in like a lot of people do on the first hand. You’ll lose more tournaments then you’ll win by using this strategy. If other players use this strategy on your table you’ll have to see if they win the hand. If they win the hand you’ll need to begin increasing your bets because of the ground you’ll need to make-up on them. If they end up losing the hand though, then that’s one less player you need to worry about.

Take every round of the blackjack tournament one step at a time and you’ll do just fine. Apart from your betting patterns you should just use basic blackjack strategy. Most players in blackjack tournaments are beginners, especially at the lower limits so you shouldn’t find it that difficult playing against them. Most online casinos have blackjack tournaments nowadays so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Online Slot Machines Beginner Guide

Every single one of us started out at one time or another and had no clue about how to play online slot machines. Today there are hundreds of online casinos that offer thousands of different online slot machines for their players with new ones being implemented all the time. If you have never played online slot machines before it’s important that you spend a few minutes and learn a bit about them. There are multiple types of online slot machines and there are also tons of special features that you should be aware of before you begin playing.

Online Slot Machine Bonuses & Promotions

Playing online slot machines at SuperSlots.com is very similar to playing slot machines in a land based casino except when you play online you’ll be able to earn lots of bonuses and rewards. Most online casinos nowadays have special bonuses set-up just for slot machine players which are much bigger then your average sign-up bonus. If you plan on playing slot machines for the most part inside of the online casino you decide to play with, make sure you find out whether or not they have any special slot machine bonuses available.

Apart from earning great bonuses from online casinos as a slot machine player, there are also tons of great promotions including tournaments, reload bonuses and freeroll events which don’t cost you any money to play. If you have a small bankroll then you’ll definitely want to play in a casino that offers their players freeroll tournaments. If you’re not interested in freeroll tournaments then you should look for a casino with lots of tournaments with added prize pools and guaranteed prize pools.

What are the Different Types of Online Slot Machines?

As I already briefly mentioned, there are multiple types of online slot machines that you can play online. The most common type of slot machine that you can play is the traditional three reel slot machine. Nowadays most slot machine players find little excitement playing the traditional slots though, and therefore casinos have been busy adding new modern five reel slot machines including progressive jackpot slot machines.

Progressive jackpot machines are easily the most played slot machines on the internet today simply because they give every player the chance to earn a huge sum of money without spending that much. You can sit down and play a progressive jackpot machine all day long on a $100 and with the chance to win well over six figures on most jackpots, it’s clear why these types of machines are king right now.

If you don’t think that you want to play a progressive jackpot machine there are still plenty of modern five reel slots that don’t have jackpots. Instead of offering a jackpot most of the slot machines will have bonus rounds and special rewards available to be won. The one important rule of thumb that I like to tell everyone before sitting down and playing slot machines is that you should always read the rules to every slot machine. The rules vary between every slot machine and you don’t want to lose out on a bonus because you find out you weren’t making the proper bets or anything.

Value Betting the Horse Races

Betting on horse races can be done at a racetrack or you can bet on horses over the internet. Most online sports books accept wagers on horse racing for races at the better-known race tracks. Race tracks such as Gulfstream, the Meadows, Laurel Park, Churchhill Downs, and the Tampa Bay Downs along with many more horse race tracks around the world can be bet on using the internet. When betting horses over the internet, you must first establish an online account with the sports and horse betting site of choice.

There are many reputable online sportsbooks that will let you bet the horses, so choose the one that is the best fit for your betting needs. When betting on horses over the internet, you can make wagers for a horse to win, place (come in second), or show (come in third) just like you can when betting the horses live. Additionally, you can place exacta, trifecta and even superfecta bets on the internet. When betting races over the internet, the bets work exactly the same way that they do when betting live at the track.

Once you have set up and funded an account from which to place your wagers on the horse races, you can then select the horse track and the race or races you wish to bet on. When selecting a race to place a wager on, the horse race betting site will provide a line, similar to that which you would find at the track. The line reflects the morning line odds, as well as the current odds. When looking over the line, it is often wise to look at any notes that the handicappers might have made, as well as comparing the current odds to the morning line odds. Additionally, some people even handicap the race by themselves. When people handicap the horse races by hand, they try to find value in the actual lines and place wagers on horses that they believe will win, place, or show when the payout from the actual line is greater than the odds that they have given a horse. The process of finding horses that pay out better than their given odds of winning is called value betting. For example, supposing a horse is sitting at 4 to 1 odds. You have handicapped the race yourself and have given the horse 3 to 1 odds to win. Because 4 to 1 pays better than three to one, there is value in that line. Thus, a value bet can be placed on the horse to win.

2010 World Cup Soccer Betting Futures

With the World Cup, 32 International football sides line up against one another and compete to become champions of the World. Teams like defending champions Italy, Germany, France, England, the USA, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and the Netherlands try to run the gauntlet to become FIFA World Cup Champions.

Since the first FIFA World Cup, only 6 nations have been able to hoist the most prestigious trophy in International football. Brazil has won the world cup a record five times. The futures market has Brazil at 5 to 1 odds for emerging as the six time champions of the world. Defending FIFA World Cup champions Italy are set at 11 to 1 odds of repeating as World Cup champs. Germany is listed at 12 to 1 odds.

Uruguay and France have each hoisted the World Cup trophy two times. Despite earning two World Cups, Uruguay goes off at 100 to 1 odds. France gets a little more respect, as they are listed at 14 to 1 odds. England rounds out the field of previous World Cup champions, as they are listed at 11/2 soccer odds.

With five returning champions vying for World Cup glory, 27 other nations are set to play in the 2010 World Cup. Host nation South Africa comes in at 100 to 1 odds. Other nations such as the Netherlands can be bought in the futures market at 11 to 2. The Ivory Coast comes in at 25 to 1, while Portugal led by Cristiano Ronaldo gathers 28 to 1 odds of emerging as world champs. Nations such as the USA, Serbia, Chile, and Ghana are each listed at 50 to 1 to be football champions of the world. Paraguay’s futures lie at 66 to 1, while Mexico and Cameroon each are listed in the World Cup futures market at 80 to 1.

As for the longer soccer betting shots, Nigeria, Denmark, and Australia each are listed at 100 to 1 odds. Greece comes in at 125 to 1 and Switzerland, Slovakia, and Slovenia each are listed as 200 to 1 long shots. Algeria has earned 250 to 1 odds, while Japan is listed at 300 to 1. Honduras is at 500 to 1 and New Zealand and North Korea each round out the field of 32 coming in at 1500 to 1 long odds to take down the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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